Get more involved in the XPages community

Before i start , i have a confession to make , Am a  fan no 1 on Notesin9 and it has help me a lot in my Xpages “want to be a expert” journey. Am also a big fan of David Leedy,  he has helped me out few time when i have some issues and i proud to call him my friend.   He has a great notesin9 video  and he talks about how to get more involved in the XPages community.  And his message in the video,  just ask and if you know the answer  then answer. Blog about the success or failure you have and someone will be able to help you out or your blogging helps someone else out.

I was looking for solution when i saw his video and instead of sending emails to my friends in Germany and USA (you know who you are) or hooking up with “you” on Skype. I decided to sign up for Stack overflow and ask the question there. My very first question on stack overflow  so if you know anything about standby dialog then please post you answer there.

Great video David , I love the fileVault , looks great . Love to see a fileVault custom control !!  .  In Sept I will start a Xpages Project to create a simple CRM based on Xpages and Bootstrap. I looking forward to see this project come to live.

and I aim to give this away on openntf when its done. With help from the community this will be possible.

Getting Total Value from View column

Am Puzzled, So I looking to you guys , Here is what am trying to do.

Getting Total amount  from a flat view with one Column that keeps Total Sales of many documents.

Getting Total sale into a XPages form using computedField

I have tried this

var key = viewRow.getColumnValue(“Totalsale”);
var lookup = @DbLookup(@DbName(), “MyTotelSale”, key, 12);
return lookup

and from Notesin9 from my friend David. His solution is based on Key and its works like a charm where i use a KEY. but not in this case.

var cView:NotesView = database.getView(“vOrders”);
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = cView.createViewNav();

// Since you can’t do ‘getCategory’ – find the first doc and backup 1
var entry:NotesViewEntry = cView.getEntryByKey(sessionScope.get(“key”));
entry = nav.getPrev(entry);
if (entry == null) {
// Nothing to Do
else {
return entry.getColumnValues()[2];

Any idea how to get this value ?

 UPDATE - David Leedy got hold of me and we did a short gotomeeting so he could see the issue  ( my post was not clear , writing this just before the game)  and he came up with a solution

Am not using repeat but this works . by using getlast() I was able to get the total Value.

THANKS David I really appreciate  your help.

<xp:repeat id=”repeat1″ rows=”30″ var=”rowData”>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:var myView:NotesView = database.getView("byUnique");
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = myView.createViewNav();
var entry:NotesViewEntry = nav.getLast();
return entry.getColumnValues()}]]></xp:this.value>
<xp:text escape=”true” id=”computedField1″


I change this to be

var myView:NotesView = database.getView(“MySalesTotal”);
var nav:NotesViewNavigator = myView.createViewNav();
var entry:NotesViewEntry = nav.getLast();
return entry.getColumnValues()[12];


congrats to Germany :) Great game

IBM : Sametime and UC experts needed at Connect14

During my stay at Connect i will be looking for some experts on Sametime UC  9,0.  and Sametime media server.  I will need to connect with ether BP or IBM resources. If you think that you can help then please get in touch with me  palmi.lord  AT and lets schedule a meeting at Connect.

looking forward to hearing from you

see you in few days





Connect 2014 – I will be there

Its been a while from my last visit (2010) to IBM Connect formerly knows as Lotusphere. So am really looking forward to be there in 2014.  Dolphin and Swan hotels are fully booked so am looking for hotel near by , any suggestions would be appreciated. See you there.







Domino admin 2 day class sold out in 48 hours

Its has been long over due that we had a domino administrator class here in Iceland. I have been hearing for some time now within the community that people are looking for more education in the IBM Domino world.  After few talks with IBM and internally here at Nyherji, We decided to get some talent to Iceland to teach the new stuff that 8.5 and 9.0 brings to the table.  So the goal was to get 8 – 9 administrators. I send out a email to the Community telling everyone about the upcoming event , asking them to register and to our surprise it sold out in 48 hours , matter of fact it oversold.  We have 13 seats in the class room  and we got 15 when we closed the registration.

So who is going to be teaching ?   well  Tim from Intec (UK)  came to Iceland last fall to learn about Nyherji  and how we could do business together so i connected Tim and ask if he had some Administrator that could take on the class and he connected me with Keith Belgrave.  I know that this will be successful and it already planed to have this every year now. And bringing new people to the world of Domino.

There are planes to get Paul Withers over here for some Xpages class 1Q 2014  if we get enough people and if he is available that is.

Hope to see you in Orlando 2014

Are there any emotions about Notes at IBM?

Christian Tillmanns Wrote :

Whatever we do and say, it’s of no use. IBM does not listen, because if they would, they would have to turn around about 137 degrees and admit, that they are wrong. 

You will not see that happen. Oh yes, there are those high level meetings we (or at least I, you might be lucky one day) will not be invited to, but you can not talk about it. Oh, I had meetings like that. You leave happier than ever, but you can bet on it, a few weeks later everything is forgotten and it is business as usual, because somebody just takes another decision, despite everything that was said. Why? Because we, the partners, are stupid. We use gut feeling and what we think is “experience”.

Big companies use big data, carefull analysing what the data from different sources say and they listen to the owners (an amazingly stupid group, regarding sustainability) who want money now and don’t care about products. Put these two things together and you get what we see. A slow and half-hearted change and many in this ex yellow bubble think, it is in the wrong direction again. And many are just fed up.
You and many in the bubble have said things that are right for years, but had no influence at all because big companies believe more in analysing than in experience and new ideas. They are dangerous. They could fail big time and not like analysing, which fails much slower but in the end costs more, because you not only lose money, but more importantly, time. Analyzing means no risk for an individual, he/she has the proof.

Apple was like that in the nineties and slowly going down. Steve Jobs turned it around with new ideas and he could have failed big time. But he didn’t. Not many experts (Analysts!) believed in the iPhone and look how wrong they were and still it was a process from the iPod to the iPhone with much less risk than what is the common believe.

That works, if you have somebody at the helm with a guts feeling and the will to take the risk to do radical changes. Do you see that at IBM? What you see at every presentation are slides and more slides of market position, future markets and other stuff which they found out by looking at the past. Steve Jobs would not have done that (not that he did not have the data). He would have taken you on an emotional journey around that new product and that is what counts.

Are there any emotions about Notes at IBM?

Dear Mr: Tillmanns

I truly believe that if you say it often enough someone will listen. It really makes sense to go to the next generation with the tools that IBM have to day.  Notes 9 is truly an amazing When you compare it to version 8.5.  When you look at the possibility with Social edition and with Connections,  it very powerful set of tools.  If Apple had not spent some much on design it would not be so successful as we all know today,  there is no second impression. IBM has that edge today , try comparing Office 365 with IBM Smart cloud side by side with a customer, even the die hard MS fan will be impressed with Smart cloud.  I apologizes taken your text and adding it to my blog like that but I agree with you No one is listening  to the voices out there.

Over 80 percent can´t be wrong ,  can it ?

Someone has to open there eyes and ears at IBM. It really makes sense to start now at the educational system around the world. Don´t let Microsoft keep that market alone forever.  you know  That is the best kept secret at Redmond Marketing department.

BTW I like to hear from the 10 that said No , lets hear your pinion.


Few Pointers To IBM

You are correct , Its not about the email anymore its about way we think so lets do the following :

  • Have Domino and IBM Smart cloud free for every education institute in the world. ( With local support )
  • Offer the Mail Client free just like the Designer. Basic and standard. Mac or PC

IBM , You do understand that the users of the future technology are the ones that are in high school right now.