Alternate rows for diffrent color .Can it be changed in LS ?

in Help am reading “

Specify a grid style for the view. Use “Color” option to set a color for the grid lines.

Note Non-resizable columns and response only columns do not display gridlines. Categorized views, views with flat headings, and views with simple headings only display horizontal gridlines. ”


how do i change  alternate rows for diffrent color  ?

Code is


Sub Initialize 'Loops through all views and sets column and header attributes to standards Dim uiw As New NotesUIWorkspace Dim view As NotesView Dim vc As NotesViewColumn Dim db As NotesUIDatabase Set db = uiw.CurrentDatabase 'Get number of views in database Dim J As Integer Dim i As Integer For J = 0 To Ubound(db.Database.Views) 'Begins changing each view Set view = db.Database.Views(J) 'Set view background color view.BackgroundColor = COLOR_WHITE 'Set first column to bold and 12 pt. Set vc = view.Columns(0) vc.FontFace = "Default Sans Serif" vc.FontPointSize = 12 vc.FontStyle = VC_FONT_BOLD vc.FontColor = COLOR_BLACK 'Set all other columns to plain and 10 pt. For i = 1 To Ubound(view.Columns) Set vc = view.Columns(i) vc.FontFace = "Default Sans Serif" vc.FontPointSize = 10 vc.FontStyle = VC_FONT_PLAIN vc.FontColor = COLOR_BLACK Next 'Set all headers to same font color, face, and point size. For i = 0 To Ubound(view.Columns) Set vc = view.Columns(i) vc.HeaderFontFace = "Default Sans Serif" vc.HeaderFontPointSize = 10 vc.HeaderFontStyle = VC_FONT_BOLD

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