IBM why can´t we have this in our Notes Mail ?

My wife has been using a email program called incredimail for long time and i saw the new version that she  upgraded to and it really really looks nice , fast and has some very nice festures.

it has great filter that you can filter each type of attachment , word , pdf .pictures , video, Zip files just by pressing on tab . (see pix).

Here is what it could look like in Notes

Now i know about FewClicks and they do some of this . Can you make Lotus nine be like this ?  Lotus Dev ? are you there ?  Ok let do ideajam on this.


5 thoughts on “IBM why can´t we have this in our Notes Mail ?

  1. As Palmi says above, we have had very little changes in the e-mail DB. IBM\Lotus needs to add more features to the e-mail DB to become the leader and not just catch up to the other e-mail systems

  2. Christian – I know that the OpenNTF Mail has a view that shows all the attachement as catagory and that is nice but want i would like to see is a native mail template to sort by the most used formats as attachments , ODF, doc. xls, ppt, pdf, avi, mpg, txt. See the picture i put there. it one mouce button away where Openntf Mail have all the formats in one view and not so easy to sort.

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