Cerification for 8.5

Here is my five schedule tests that am going for this summer. Anyone used any good prep test  software that they recommend?


6 thoughts on “Cerification for 8.5

  1. Good luck on 953, it wasnt easy. I have to re-take it sometime in the next month or two. Its one of those exams you cant just wing it!
    952 was fairly easy. got 88%

  2. I was introduced to CertFX a bunch of Lotuspheres ago. They used it in the prep lab for the tests and have used that through the years.
    Nice part about it is that you can use it as an opportunity to learn the new features in a very focused way because there are usually great explanations about them.
    – Andy

  3. You’ll need a combination of CertFX and TLCC classes and some experience. TLCC hax good education, CertFX backs that up and explains the reason for each question. Using both I got 100% on mine… Study long, take your time, one at a time.

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