We use Lotus Notes because it does what we need it to do

For someone to really like Lotus Notes, the first impression is OVERLOOKED AND UNDERVALUED by IBM , developers . software companies (Not all of them).

HR orientation are mostly about companies rules and policies. Handbooks and instruction are often handed out to new employee without any information on systems that they use. I have never heard or been in one that the HR persons says “We use Lotus Notes because it does what we need it to do has little or nothing to do with email”  right there people would say “Ok let see what this does “.

So it’s the first impression am very concerned about. Dont get me wrong IBM is on the right track with the 8.x but i really like to have more “common sense things”  that people are exspecting.

Here is one  I never understood  : many of you have done this . You are only going to add an attachment to the email but your cursor is in Subject line  you hit attachment icon and message box pops up and says ”

Mary Beth Raven knows that there is a better way and  its so simple  –   after this message  comes up move the cursor to the body FIELD and open up attachment dialog box . very simple ? you already know what they want so give it to them. After all your message box says TIP

With all the frameworks that are out there we have some really nice looking interfaces on email that some are even free and or cost just few $. like this one you can use it for free but they also sell you a copy then you don´t have the ads.   I blogged about this here few weeks ago and i added  my idea here so that you can promote this  Can you give me 5 min of your time and vote on it ?

remember its all about the first impression.


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