170 people read my blog

and not one promoted my idea that i did on ideajam . So either my idea is not as good as i thought or ideajam does not have as many registered user that visit PL .  Strange


5 thoughts on “170 people read my blog

  1. What? I reviewed that idea and promoted it a while back. Your post, while appropriate, is a little generic, don’t you think?

    To help your Idea, you should post it here as a main entry. The code is at the end of your Idea. That might drive some votes. Burying it in a comment on one of your posts makes it hard to find.

    Just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Stephan – I wish i could talke the ash back 🙂 I did forget to put a link there
    Carl , i think your correct
    gregg . yes you did and thanks and thanks for your tip on reorder my post.

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