Let user pick a date and time “Ones “

After some thought how this could be done i decided to make it as simple as i could .  User need to add date and time to a control from that the user can only pick ones , like a doctor appointment

So here what you need

  1. Create form  lets name it  “ControlForm” add  2 fields to it
  2. TEXTFIELD :  Day     TEXTFIELD : Time  save the FORM
  3. Create View  (controlView) put () around it so it will be hidden
  4. View selection add Select FORM =”ControlForm”
  5. Create 2 columns  add this  @Unique(@Explode(Day)) and @Unique(@Explode(Time))  on each column
  6. Create a form RegForm
  7. Put 1 FIELD  DATEOFREG on it and lets make it a dialog list
  8. Add this as a formula to DATEOFREG FIELD

DAY := @DbColumn(“”:”NoCache”;””:””;”(controlView)”;1);
TIME:= @DbColumn(“”:”NoCache”;””:””;”(controlView)”;2);

TextList := DAY + ” – TIME: ” + TIME;

  1. Create second view “(DocUser) “
  2. First column is  sort  by DATEOFREG

create ControlForm add text to it   like this  Day would be      05/05/2010       time 10:00

outcome  is a FIELD that is reading DATE and Time from Control form that users add into and it will display only available time

if you have another solution  then please shear it

PS my banner pitcure is from my brother he toke 0.1 clock this morning  you can see all his pitcures here


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