Mac Pro Laptop or Thinkpad

As many of you have seen at LS2010 there was lot speakers that was using Mac laptops and am 6 months away from getting a new laptop for my self at home . I use Thinkpad T61 at work and its a great laptop but I REALLY like Mac Os and with Parallels 5 you can run W7 with in MacOS so is it  stable to do all the programming on the mac with Parallels ?   Do you recommend it ?
So whats your Pro and Cons ?   Should I get new Thinkpad or Mac Pro

8 thoughts on “Mac Pro Laptop or Thinkpad

  1. A lot of it is personal preference and your what apps you need and where you just want to be. I moved all my personal computing to Mac several years ago and couldn’t be happier. Mac’s are definitely more expensive in up front costs. Overtime I’m not so sure though. I just don’t spend much time maintaining my Mac’s like I remember maintaining my Windows machine. Things do seem to work better. I’m at a stage where I just don’t want to mess with or tweak the OS. I just want it to work.
    I presented at LS2010 with a 13inch Macbook, Fusion, 4 GB of Ram. I recently bought a 15 inch MacBook Pro with 8GB of Ram and couldn’t be happier. I also switched to Parallels to run XP and my Designer client. I really like the Crystal mode of Parallels. It fits pretty nice into OSX. The 8 GB of ram lets me have a designer machine with 2 GB and a server with 1.5ish and the rest for OSX.
    The laptop was EXPENSIVE – especially compared to a non apple laptop. This was the first time in three years that I actually took a decent look at ThinkPads. But in the end I stuck with the Mac.

    If price is not the deciding factor then I’d highly recommend the Mac. I actually like having “work” stuff in a virtual world. It’s easy to backup and move around. It’s easy to create new instances to run different versions – like the 8.5.2 beta. It can be quite convenient really.
    My 2 cents…

  2. I have a MacBookPro for almost a year now and I am more or less happy with it. Notes does not run on it as good as on a PC. When I use some functions of our CRM tool, I have nsd running a few times per day. Java is also a problem. I used Parallels 4 for Designer, but it was so unbelivable slow, I switched to VMWare Fusion. That’s better, but after a few hours using it, the whole system slows down.
    I like the look, iWork and the way I work with it, but I did not become a fan boy. I am still bored with Windows, but some things just work better there. Connecting to a network with Linux servers is somewhat strange. But since I absolutely hate to do admin work on my workstations, it could be my fault.
    I like the fast startup and the long battery time and the fact I don’t have a registry.

  3. Christian – Parallels 5 is much faster then Parallels 4 – Cnet AppleByte did speed test and Parallels won that race. I know that there is a drawback but with 8 gb memory i was hoping that the designer would be stable and fast . I can´t not use a laptop that does have issues with Designer as 70 % of my work is there.

    Now i just need to be on lookout for GREAT Mac Pro DEAL Thanks for your input Christian

    David you just said it in plan words – “I just want it to work ” that is excacly what i need great laptop that works. am coming from a GREAT laptop Thinkpad are So Good but as much as i like Linux i just don´t see me there as Designer is not out for Linux ( not yet hopfully soon)
    Thanks for your input David

    Looks like am going for Mac laptop very soon.

  4. Palmi – My (true) reason to buy a Mac was simply … boy needs new toy. I don’t regret it, but I could live with Windows 7 too. But opening a Mac for a presentation ist better then any pc. It just shows style 😉
    That worked better, then I thought. Quite a few people ask about the Mac and Notes.

  5. Hi Palmi,

    First say that I am a faithful reader of your blog. Second, I am a ** new ** Mac user ( only two months with a iMac 27″ i5 8 Gb RAM) and I’m so happy. Third, this year I will buy a Macbook (not pro). WinXP runs on a VirtualBox, which is free. Check the lastest version. It has a LOT of improvements. Remeber to install the VirtualBox client “extensions”. Then you will move the mouse/keyboard from MacOS to Winxp WITHOUT pressing any key.


  6. I’ve used Macs for nigh-on twenty years, and being more of a UNIX chap than a Windows person, took to OS X very well 🙂 I use a first-gen Unibody 15″ MacBook Pro with VMWare Fusion, and it’s a great set-up. Yes, MacBooks are more expensive than their Windows counterparts. But you get a hell of a lot of bang for your buck.

    It really comes down to how much you envisage using OS X and whether you like the Mac way. You shouldn’t buy a Mac just because you can run Parallels / Fusion, but having said that, virtual machines run very, *very* well on any modern Mac.

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