PDF to Notes & Notes to PDF ( part 1 )

There is always a need to interact with Word, Excel or PDF from Notes. We have lots of free PDF drivers that take anything to the PDF printer as file. But very few of them take the actual data and fill in FORM of your chosen .

Am going to be blogging about this solution here next week or so. So please bear with me.

PDF function: 

This application is designed to take 1 to 11 Lotus Notes forms and print the collected data to one PDF Fillable Form based on a PDF Fillable Form Template stored in a Profile doc. This application resides on your server and can be accessed very easily with a small amount of LotusScript code that you place in a button, a view or an agent. The overall process set is almost like setting up DECS or a LEI profile doc.

It give you option to select PDF template and DB that you like to take the data from and then it reads the FIELDS on both side and you can map them together. Here is my post on Linkedin about PDF to Notes.

More coming soon:

snapshot of the mapping.



if you think that you can use this solution please fell free to send me email to palmilord AT simnet DOT is and i will be happy to show you this in function or send you a DB.( DB ready in few days)


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