Microsoft can´t do it but Notes can

I have a very old Lotus Notes db that I made long time ago and every time there is a new release I pull it out and test it , so far it has not broken. My LS agents still work ( they don´t do much but they work) .

I was moving some stuff around the other day and I found my old CD holder , I looked into in it and saw my old Backup CD and it had a name of my software I written long time ago . Wrote this in Basic win98 . Well I remember that back when I got WinXp it tested it and it worked as charm.  Well I thought too my self, maybe this will work in Window 7. ( ok ok I know stupid )  So I pop my CD into my DVD reader in my Lenovo desktop .

 After about min window open and gave me an error . My software does not work anymore. This is beating a dead horse but I had to tell you.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft can´t do it but Notes can

  1. did you try the nsf direct on the dvd or copy to the hard disk and remove the read only attribute? up to version 6.5, you could read nsf on cd-rom, but only if all indexes were built before burning the cd. after 6.5, opening any nsf would start view indexing and caused errors. it was unfortunate, but because disk was getting very cheap, not to many people were affected, or learned to copy the nsf from the cd. Also later versions respected the acl when opening local nsf’s. which is solved by using full access mode in the notes admin client.

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