PDF to Notes & Notes to PDF ( part 2 )

In my last post I talked about PDF function in general ,  lets focus on profile section so you can get an idea how this is going to work .
General info:  PIX 1
Here you can add all the information that is needed.  RED circles are required fields and  GREEN circles are quick helps.
Give the profile a name that is unique. This is how the LotusScript code will know which PDF Profile to use. Add the PDF Fillable Form template to the profile. You can choose to enable or disable the alerts. The PDF Location Alert tells the user where the PDF was created. The PDF Auto Launch will launch the PDF Fillable form that was created.
 As you can see in pix 2   
You have direction to set up Notes to PDF or PDF to Notes, how many forms, then you pick server and DB, view and form. It is good to add some kind of description for anyone else coming to this DB so they can know what this tab is being used for.
KEY: These are the fields listed on the Lotus Notes form used to locate the Lotus Notes Document. You select how many fields you are looking to map from Notes or PDF. At bottom you can see empty Mapping FIELD and the Checkbox is for Code if you select it you can put in the FEILD like @Today  or @Now or static text such as an address or company title, just be sure to add quotes to the beginning and end of the static text. I will cover more in part 3

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