PDF to Notes & Demos going out today

Ok ready to send out the the Demo DB for those that have asked for it. Just a little more information about this solution. I have been involved with this solution from 2006 and it was then a specific solution that was developed for Heath care Solution  / product based on Notes. This solution has saved companies lot of resources and software license from Adobe. We quickly find out that it would be great to create a standalone solution for to use straight out of box. This is powerful stuff. I take no credit for any of the functions of this DB as it has been rewritten by few good developers. My part is going to be sales and support for time being. Our technical support is not a available to provide testers with assistance regarding the installation, troubleshooting, configuration, and customization of PIN ( PDF to Notes ) via Phone or website for now. We are currently getting setup for that. But we will have email support and IM for you to get quick response.

Here is are some of the things that we are working on for future release:

1) Web useable

2) Ability to convert e-mails and attachments to PDF

3) Ability to take data from non-Lotus Notes databases and fill in a PDF Fillable form

For information to install and setup , please read the instruction that is in the Zip file.

if you have not asked for a demo, and like to test this out , please feel free to send email to Pdftonotes@gmail.com (while we are getting setup with our own system)

Happy testing


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