dojox.image.Lightbox or dojox.Form.Lightbox

I was reading this about dojo.Lightbox and was wondering if you could use this with form in xpages not just an images . As am reading the Dojo blogs & references sites but  i can´t see any information leading to using a form. Am i missing something ?


5 thoughts on “dojox.image.Lightbox or dojox.Form.Lightbox

  1. I answered this on IQJam as well:

    Just use dijit.Dialog instead … dojox.image.Lightbox inherits from dijit.dialog, and is designed specifically for viewing images.

    You can see examples of dijit.Dialog, tweaked specifically for XPages at the XPages Blog (, and more specifically if you go to XPages Blog Samples at you can see a sample implementation.

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