Generate ICal (ics) files dynamically

Ever have the need to use ical (.ics File ) where it auto generates calendar entry based on DATE on a Web form ? Well Chris at  has a great example of this where he has a Form that lists all the events with Link to ICAL to download based on selected event.

 Am not going to go into details on how he does it and encourage you to read his blog. Everything Chris does it very cool and he always has a different approach to complete task then other do.( my pinon) What I was after  is a way to have a Link on form that would be generated dynamically Ical on event user would pick from a drop down list.

So I did this in the following way: Take Chris example and add this to it

1 Create a Form lets name is BForm

2. Add 3 Fields to it ( Event , DateFrom , DateTo ) make them Date FIELDS add Save button. ( create 3 Documents for testing)




DocumentUniqueID) +”>Please add this to my calendar</a></td>

3. Create a View “(Events)” make the first Column be categorized on “Event” create second column add this

4.Now Create an Form with one Dropdown with this formula “”:@DbColumn( “”: “Nocache” ; “” : “” ; “(Events)”; 1 )

 5. And FIELD “Event” Dropdown  Add this code to is “”:@DbColumn( “”: “Nocache” ; “” : “” ; “(Events)”; 1 )  Make sure you select “Refresh fields on keyword change”

6. Add embedded view , (Events) and add Event as ” Show Single category ” just below the FIELD “Event”

Make sure you select “Refresh fields on keyword change”

Here you can see the Link to the ics page and with UNID it will render with Event Information you selected  

The “Event”  FORM

The Entry.ics PAGE   

Do i need to add my demo here as NSF ? let me know


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