Gordon asks if there is a future in IBM Domino !

I was watching this video , Reading about Jake reason to learn SP. And Gordon  asks if there is a future in IBM Domino.
Some amazing stuff to watch and read.
To Ed Brill and his team. (IBM SALES team). We all know that sales person within IBM have sales quota to meet in every quarter. And they have to meet it or they don’t get bonus or even could lose there jobs. Like some of you know MS plays dirty when they are trying to get medium and large companies to cross over to their product by giving them the software for free by paying for the outsourced IT to help with the transaction over to MS. ( Many stories  on Internet ) 
 A ) Well if we can´t beat them lets join them. Lets call it “Future SALES” in the IBM system.
 When a Business partner come to IBM with case of New customer and asks for “Future SALES” then that means IBM gives BP them same amount back to get the new customer up and running.  It can be % of the sale or what ever it really does not matter but IBM sales person gets his quota marked as “Future SALES” and BP gets his sale + new customer using IBM Domino/portal. Win win for all of us.
Here is another idea,
B)  Did you know that there is program that you can get refunded  for all the certification fee that you pay for your people to get certified?. Well that is great but lets take this step further. Everyone that wants to get certified in IBM World can get the TEST for free. Make them sign up for it , have them download free stuff. And then ask them if they like to get certified. Send them promotional CODE to use marked with their name.  
It can be for period of time or until IBM cancel the program. its would create more poeple with  knowledge out there to market IBM Products.  
Last one and not least
C) Pay the hosting Fee for any college/School that want to set up server at Amazon to run IBM software. You will get a lot of people into the marketing in four-year time that “knows Lotus”

7 thoughts on “Gordon asks if there is a future in IBM Domino !

  1. Cost of the Quickr Admin Certification

    Test: U$200,00
    Pratice Test: U$89,99

    It is very expensive. Imagine for Domino when you need 3 tests and 3 pratice tests to be CLP

  2. Just what I need… college programmers who are half the cost taking the remaining Lotus Notes jobs out there.

    What’s the point of getting a younger generation “excited” for Notes when the people who are making decisions are just as excited when they get rid of Notes.

    If companies use Lotus Notes for mail… there’s a MUCH greater chance that they will allow Notes development. The more shops that allow more Notes development, the more people will want to learn (on their own) xPages and other fun Domino stuff.

    I think they need to focus on up-time, client speed, and support for all of their products before they start with other gimmicks.

    1. The point of making a younger generation excited? Read this blog entry:
      That one tells the story about how I came in to a new workplace, 23 years old, and in a few months got the whole staff to switch from Wordperfect, which had been used for many years, to Word for Windows. One enthusiastic and knowledgeble user, building a simple macro that saved them time, was enough to within 6 months get a mandade to switch to Word for everyone…

  3. Tom – if college programmers are going take the remaining Lotus Notes jobs out there then the the exsist BP are not doing there job.

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