Xpages with Div or Container ?

i have been learning xpages , watching video, reading blogs and taking apart some of the demos. I really like the blueprint CSS . Anyone of you using this framework ? I use to use a CCS editor in the early days so i did search for CSS editor and Blueprint . Google found this little charm http://constructyourcss.com/   its pretty nice , what are you using for CSS ? Notepad is my tool until i found this.


4 thoughts on “Xpages with Div or Container ?

  1. I am using the BluePrint CSS for most of my work. I find the CSS editor provided with DDE to be adequate for my needs. I am surprised you would be using Notepad.

  2. I used Aptana until the CSS editor in DDE became sufficiently useful; as Peter mentions, it’s adequate now. The site you linked to looks useful for visually designing the layout, though.

  3. Use the IBM OneUI. If you disagree with IBM’s idea of fonts and colors and sizes – that’s OK. Just use the structure and then build your own Theme using the OneUI structure. We see lower help desk call frequency when apps look familiar. And OneUI is all over the IBM applications (at least the newer ones).
    Using the OneUI and theme approach works in the opposite direction too (to some extend) -> you can tweak the standard IBM apps look and feel (YMMV).
    Aptana is nice.

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