Certification 2 of 3 Done (LOT-952 – LOT-954)

The LOT-952 was pretty easy and I toke Lot-953 today and I passed it. I usual get around 85 percent in my exams but this one was kicking my butt. I have never been asked if I have Certification in Domino. But business today need to flag this for more business.


So how is LOT-954 ? Anyone like to tell me about it ?


2 thoughts on “Certification 2 of 3 Done (LOT-952 – LOT-954)

  1. Hi Palmi, congrats on 953.
    I agree with you that 952 was a cake walk. On the other hand, 953 was the hardest test I wrote and I’ve written many certs. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass 953 and will have to retake it eventually later this year. This is definitely an exam that you can’t just wing it! The damage isn’t bad considering exams were $75 @ lotusphere.

    I have to brush up on DCR, Composite apps, programmable tables, @transform, stampall methods and know by heart where every little menu option is!

    One thing that caught me off guard on 953 is the odd cases presented with super long options. Time is definitely in short supply when writing the exam!

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