Calc days in Xpages

is there a better way of doing this in Xpages ?  Getting totaldays between two dates  fields
t1 = dominoDocument1.getItemValueDate(“DATE”)
 t2 = dominoDocument1.getItemValueDate(“DATE1”)
 @Integer((@Date(t2) – @Date(t1)) / (60 * 60 * 24))/1000 +1
 its seams to work like this

3 thoughts on “Calc days in Xpages

  1. Remember, you have full access to the Java API, which is very similar to the LotusScript API, so you can pass the values to new instances of NotesDateTime and use .timeDifference. The result will likely be the same, but may also prove more accurate.

  2. Tim – something like this


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