How to use the localization options

Ones you have your Xpages up and running and need to have it in many language  then here is away to do it

This article will show how to localize your XPages applications into multiple languages, using translated .properties files for each XPage, Custom Control or Resource File.

The general process is as follows
1. Configure the list of supported locales in the Application Properties (Section 1).
2. Export your Source language (English) .properties and send them to the translators (Section 2).
3. Then import your translated .properties files for the listed locales using the steps below (Section 3).
4. Or for testing purposes, you can automatically create language versions of the files, until your real translations are available (Section 4).
Section 5 provides details of the extracted values. Section 6 is things to note.

more here

Happy xpaging


2 thoughts on “How to use the localization options

  1. But the language showing up will depend on the language code sent by the browser, right? What if we want to offer the possibility of showing a language different than the one sent by the browser: can we manage to use parts of this feature?

    Multilingual apps have always been a nightmare… But that is a good start! Thanks for the info!

  2. Benoit i belive that this has nothing to do with code send by browser this about using translated .properties files for the Application to display in , select by the user.

    Update : i stand corrected. it seams to depend on the browser 🙂

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