Microsoft helps you move to Lotus notes ?

I just read this and Dan has a blog about this too. Does MS help you move away MS Product ? No I don’t´belive so but am thinking that there must be so much work out there where companies are looking to move away from LN so IBM is thinking of getting a piece of the action . Can´t beat them join them , right  ?  Thanks IBM for helping out. We really dont need more Domino jobs out there do we ?
Someone has there ,,,,,,,,,,,

7 thoughts on “Microsoft helps you move to Lotus notes ?

  1. And the page sales copy on the IBM website even says this, “integration to legacy systems such as … Notes…” After all the trouble we go to trying to convince the world that Notes is not a legacy product! Will IBM cannibalize itself to make a buck?

  2. Do you remember how Microsoft helped IBM develop OS/2? At the same time, MS were developping Windows.

    So, even if this is nonsence, maybe it could be a good thing at last, that IBM help all their actuals clients migrate to Exchange. This way they could try get them back one of these days on their new platform (Project Vulcan), maybe?

    Well I don’t understand where all of this is heading.

  3. IBM make a shedload of cash as a services company. The multi limbed elephant that is IBM doesn’t care about the other limbs. When one dies, it sprouts another.

    In short – its embarrassing, but they don’t care.

  4. @1 yes it will in the end

    @2 “get them back one of these days” thats a variable that we can´t except

    @3 I belive that is true to a point.

  5. Mooney is right – IBM services would upgrade your company from Domino 6.x running on an AS400 to HP + Exchange.

    Shouldn’t matter much to Lotus – it’s just a page somewhere on their huge IBM site.

    Microsoft also bailed out Apple.

    Happens in all big companies – go read all about how the Kin was killed.

  6. There’s IBM, and then there’s IBM.

    I mean there’s Ed, whom we all know and love. And then there’s IBM Services, who we don’t. (I don’t, anyway.)

    As Paul says, IBM services aren’t overly fussy about whose products you’re getting from them. If you want IBM stuff, then all the better. But if not, they’re only too happy to help. You want Exchange? Sign here. Sharepoint? We have hot and cold Sharepoint expertise right on tap!

    One can understand this up to a point. I mean, if IBM Services says “no”, they know the customer will just go elsewhere. The real problem is idiot senior IT managers who make purchases for idealogical/political reasons rather than for actual business needs.

    I was at one company where I was told by a manager that “our strategy is to aim for a 100% Microsoft stack.” When I asked that manager “why”, she really couldn’t answer, except to say “because it’s our strategy”. (But then, it turned out that she had no idea what she meant by “stack” either.)

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