Explain why they are moving to Notes

Anyone can tell you that most of the move from lotus to outlook is not because of exchange but because of outlook

Lotus is more them email lot more , but lot of people don’t care about that. If their email is not Outlook then they bring up lot of  issue why they can´t use Notes.

Take survey on 200 people who have used Notes in the past and 200 that are using Notes today and ask them 20 questions then compare them to each other. You will find out that MS outlook does one thing very well and that is creating an Email – so Copy,steel,borrow from outlook and make Lotus Notes look and feel like they are using MS email and you will find out that it will solve a lot of issues for people using Notes. i know we are in the right path.

Just the other day I was at local company and they starting talking about they was told that they maybe going to Notes from outlook, they screamed and made all kind of noise. and even said they would walk out if that was in forced. So I ask ” have you guys ever used Notes ? Answer blow me away as one of the person’s answer was ” No ” but my friend did 10 years ago and he still talks about how much he hates it . I asked him back if you would consider using outlook version that was around 10 years ago and he replied, Hell no. So why would you use Notes 5,5 i said right back to him. I showed him the inbox 8.5.1. he really was surprised how good it looked. Here is where the IT manager (CTO ) does not do his job very well – they really need to show and tell before anything else. And explain why they are moving to Notes.

Maybe our change is coming to REALLY say ” Notes is dead ” when Vulcan comes around. Who knows !


3 thoughts on “Explain why they are moving to Notes

  1. Palmi while this isn’t always so easy, it is a good start.
    People complain about change in general, then complain when things do not work.
    Support needs to ramp up on Notes support in order to not get bogged down by simple things.
    but thats not how it is usually.
    Likewise companies leaving Notes to Outlook say its for support reasons. And those squirrels they have in support will know more on Outlook or anything else? unlikely.
    But logic does not exist when it comes to migrations.

  2. Keith , thanks for your input , Its hard over here to find Domino skills as they have moved on to other platforms and really dont want to come back to domino work. its really boils down to Knowlegde.

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