Installed 8.5.2 – my findings

Clean Thinkpad T61 3 gb mem

Install on Admin / Dresigner toke forever but its up and running.

Upgrade One OS68 Laptop from 8.5.1 was smooth.
Upgrade Suse Linux Laptop from 8.5.1 was pretty smooth.
Upgrade One OS68 Server from 8.5.1 was smooth.

Speed test is going to be my next test – I hope that IBM did this right now
i hate to go back to 8.5.0 Speed.


One thought on “Installed 8.5.2 – my findings

  1. Hey Palmi,

    I was looking forward to upgrading when I got home from the client site tonight, now… not so much.

    I’m sorry to hear it took a long time to install and load. I’ll let you know if I had a similar experience.

    Maybe the installer (re)set some .INI variables to values it considers safer, albeit slower.


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