Ubundu or MacOs

I have been looking to get one of the Mac Pro 15.4  Laptop for some time now. And as am working on setting up MW´s on Foundation server where i have Ubundu , XP running atm. I know am going to need a mobile solution with similar setup where I can do my work anywhere. Like in my cabin I just bought in the maintain (See pic)

I have taken parallels 5 for test drive on hachingtosh and I really like how the Win7 runs within Mac OS and I had Designer running smoothly there but this is like I said hackingtosh and not want I like to depend on in the long run plus I like to upgrade when I like , etc . here is what i have in pros and cons. 

  1. Pros (Mac)

 Mac is better looking , cheaper OS , Lotus Notes Looks great on Mac – its a Mac

  1. Cons (Mac)

Hardware is pricy, Software is more expensive, less support on hardware/software.

  1. Pros (PC)

Cheaper software,more support on Hardware,

  1. Cons (PC)

Running Windows

What would you recommend for me?

  • 1.Mac Pro (With Win7)
  • 2.T410 running Ubundu w/Wmware (Win7)

 If you have no 1 and are doing development tell me how its working , pros and Cons please  Thanks


5 thoughts on “Ubundu or MacOs

  1. W510 with 1920×1200 screen resolution (and a second 24″ at home) with Ubuntu. And you can configure it as beautiful as MacOS.
    Big pro for the Stinkpad: you can swap the Ultrabay DVD for either a second disk or a second battery.

  2. I love my MacBook pro 15.4. Everything I do at home is on mac. I even prefer working in the VM as it’s easier to move and backup and take snapshots. Which is handy is you want to work with multiple versions and betas of Notes.

    It works great for me. I’d even say better then my windows desktop at the day job.

    All if my notesin9.com videos are done with a notes virtual machine.
    The hardware is more expensive but depending on your needs it might be worth it.

    That said I do like Stephans idea if the swappable components on the think pad. That’s a nice feature.

  3. David : Are you using VmWare on Mac to run notes Development ? Any issues that i should know about ?

    Stephen how are you running your domino Designer from Usbundu ? WM ?

  4. I use parallels currently but did you fusion for a long time as well. Both work very well.

    The only real issue that I can think of is sometimes the keyboard can be a pain. Lack of break key and having to do something like fn-f9.

    But that’s relatively minor. I think command-. Is the same as ctrl break for instance.

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