Mary Beth:Why do we have to pay for this information ?

Mary Beth wrote article about ” Meet the New Features that Increase Productivity for You and Your Users ” and its published in the  View and if you are not paying for subscription then your out of luck reading this.Why can´t we get this information for free Mary Beth  ? Don´t you get paid from IBM for this kinda write-up ?


6 thoughts on “Mary Beth:Why do we have to pay for this information ?

  1. Hi Palmi,
    You can get this information for free, partly from things like Ed Brill’s webcast on what’s new in Ntoes 8..2.

    and in that very same blog post I listed a new feature in Lotus iNoes — I’ll be blogging about the new features in both Lotus iNotes and the Notes Client 8.5.2. So keep watching my blog.

  2. Why not ? The new Out of Office C-API was documented in the view. The normal channel for this information is the Notes C-API Reference – which wasn’t released for 8.5.1.

    Welcome to the new IBM revenue model…

    —* Bill

  3. I have an issue with the basic premise.

    Aside from the fact that there is a ton of this information out there provided for free (see Ed Bril Webcast or Warren Elsemore article or any of the sources Mary Beth pointed to), what subscribers to THE VIEW are paying for is not JUST the information Mary Beth provides in the article (while that is valuable). What Subscribers to THE VIEW pay for is the higher quality presentation and dissemination of that information. Mary Beth can tell you that an author for THE VIEW spends hours and hours of additional time and effort in writing an article working with a world-class editor (someone with more than 20 years of experience editing Lotus technical articles). This effort results in an easier to read, simpler to digest and understand article with better flow and instruction. The author then spends more time working with layout professionals who make the content easier to read and follow. Then there is a web team involved, and a whole production team that delivers it in the format desire red by the subscriber, makes it appear professional, easier to access, and quickly retrieved when needed. And all this happens after a content coordinator spends weeks determining what content is required, desired, and applicable to the subscription base.

    Do you feel that THE VIEW should do all that for free? Do you offer your services for free? If you do, I have a lot of work over at that needs doing. I’ll wait for your call. 🙂

  4. Scott ,

    Please don´t take this the wrong way , am all for a great Lotus technical articles that has lots of effort results in an easier to read, simpler to digest and understood articles with nice flow and instruction as you so very well put it . But my issue is that Mary Beth is a IBM/Lotus employee and all of her Lotus technical articles should be free. Mary Beth is one of my favorite blogger and I do DO read all of her write ups but its not fair to anyone that she published her work in THE VIEW for only subscribers to read.

    Am also a big fan of the View and am hoping that my company will let me subscribe to it this fall. great stuff there.

    Bottom line – High profile Lotus People should not SELL the information about NEW futures in Lotus Notes – it should be free.

    If you need help , please ask for it. I will be waiting for your email

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