Apple IMac or Macbook Pro

Mac users –  I’m going to be ordering ether Mac Pro 15.4 or IMac 27″. I really don´t need to travel with it so am leaning for the Imac 27″ but if I need to take it somewhere it’s not so difficult as its only one item to move. (Mouse and keyboard wireless). Do you have Imac ?  Are you doing Domino designer work on it ? How is that working  for you?

2 thoughts on “Apple IMac or Macbook Pro

  1. I have both actually and use both for Domino Development with Parallels. I’m very happy. I love the 27 inch screen on the iMac. I love the High resolution anti-glare screen of my MacBook Pro.

    The nice thing about the iMac… is if you want two big monitors… you’re already starting out with one…. With the laptop used have to use the smaller screen as one of your monitors unless you want to get fancy with an external box….

    The key is to put as MUCH RAM in as you can… Definately go to 8GB for the laptop… and decide between 8 or 16 for the iMac…

    Which do I like better? Can’t say… I do love the iMac’s screen… especially hooking it up to my 30inch Dell Monitor… But I also like taking the laptop to a nice chair and working on that as well…

    I do not like the wireless keyboard… I prefer the full keyboard with the number pad…

    Let me know if you have any specific questions…

  2. Hi David

    are you using iMac 27″ 2.93GHz Quad Core i7 ? that is the one am kinda like with 16gb memory ( 8 on both sides)
    or is the Quad Core a overkill for Domino work ?

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