XPages Extension Library – Need help

Hi Everyone – 

I’m using this great XPages Extension Library that is on OpenNTF and i have added to my designer as talked about in the documentation that comes with it  and i can use it in my local client ( except for browser )  Now i would like to test this with my users and ones i port it to the server at Location C:\Lotus\Domino\data\domino\workspace\applications\eclipse”  i get this 

I rebooted and even restarted the server just in case   I unzipped the updatesite file and added to that path. 

I would like the DB that uses this XPages Extension Library from the server so there is no need to add anything to DB  –

My server is Lotus Domino (r) Server (Release 8.5.2 for Windows/32) 03.12.2010

 what am i doing wrong ?


Nathan I have that here


7 thoughts on “XPages Extension Library – Need help

  1. They are using Notes client but browser is going to be a option too – is that a issue ? does this Lib just work in browser ?

  2. Ah there’s the rub. You have to install the plugin on a per client basis. There should be details on how to do that in the documentation.

  3. Nathan – well the documentation not done yet –

    its says

    Deploying the library to a set of servers and clients

    that is why i did post this to get help – thanks for your input 🙂

  4. Ack, sorry! I wish I had a silver bullet to offer here. The OpenNTF project does have an Eclipse feature available and you can build an update site from that. If you want to install it seamlessly, you’ll need to create a widget catalog and an update site, then put a Java SSL signature on the update package and deploy it through the widget catalog.

    Mikkel Heisterberg is the best reference I know for guidance on this process. See here http://lekkimworld.com/2009/03/16/how_to_deploy_widgets_and_or_plugins_in_your_organization.html

    The simple fact is that this is FAR too elaborate a process now, so it involves a lot of self-education. The only saving grace is that if it’s too much trouble to go through, at least you know that the extension library is going to make it’s way into the core product, so at worst you can just wait for 8.5.3.

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