That was said about Apple too

There have been lot of writing about what IBM/Lotus should do to get behind the wheel again on the calibration solutions. Some have said “that ship has sailed “but that was said about Apple too.

MS has been taking a lot of our market and it’s because of their huge marketing department and strategy that makes them successful.  Now Google has made our market their market and are basically selling like crazy the Google Cloud concept and Lotus customers are buying it , hook,line,and sinker. 

Lotus Notes 8.0 with New eclipse Framework and Xpages came 2 years to late if you ask me. Now we are told that we can have Lotus Notes designer for free and Domino Express license has Cluster options for free. What else can we do “NOW” that make our product more peeling to others ?
Lets led them not follow.

Education, Education
MS have Academic Volume Licensing that they push to schools around the world with great success and here is where IBM fails. They just don’t see the potential in Academic Licensing i guess. I have said this before and say it again  ” Education, Education ” don´t just tell them about domino. Teach them.

Give any Collage/School all the license that they want to use domino/Notes  and give them support to use them for FREE – in 5 years time IBM will have thousands of college graduate coming to the market with Domino/ Lotus notes knowledge – Not all of them will “Like” Notes but they all know the basic answers to three questions  – ” what”  “how”  and “who”.

Do a nation wide Programming Contest in any Collage/School where the Best Lotus Notes solutions wins and make the 1 price  40.000 USD  Second price 20.000 then 10.000 for third place.  Google does this.  Everyone are doing this.  Look at the sponsor. Where is IBM ?

Office 2007
When Office 2007 came out,  MS did a bold move. They changed the  interface , moved function around and made it hard for lot of people to use Office 2007 and they said “We are correcting some mistakes that we did in earlier version and it will all make sense when you start using it “. And They are correct I for one have not had any issues with 2007 and the layout makes perfect
sense when you start using it. So what can we learn from that ?

Lotus Notes
Now its our turn. Lets take our beloved Lotus Notes client (Inbox) and make some changes to it . Lets make it LOOK GREAT ( remember the Theme that you could install and pick 4 -5 looks and feel ? Lets take that and add it to the next release but before we do that lets have 5 interface designers make some changes to them add OneUi look and feel for example. Let make the Client steaming hot to look at. Sexy looking client. Interface matters it really does. Lets take all the great ideas from and put it into the client
We do have the best product out there in terms of calibration solutions but it’s also the best kept secrete for 10 years.
i understand that IBM is leading in so many ways,  Other ways than Notes but that does not help out in our world does it ?

2 thoughts on “That was said about Apple too

  1. I agree with you to a point. We needed XPages five years ago. Think about it. Back in 2005, we got Notes 7 with essentially the same Notes UI as Notes 6. We got DB2 integration that was unusable for many companies who did not have DB2. Sure, web services support was/is cool, but you can’t build an application out of it. QuickPlace was no easier to develop custom solutions in than the initial release. Sharepoint was just gaining traction back in the mid-2000’s. Think if we had XPages back then, and not Lotus Workplace…

  2. Michael – very true but what is IBM doing behind the curtains to make us leed again ? let see what LS2011 will bring

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