My Xmas present early this year.

After some thought about what i should get in the line of Mac computer it was between Mac book pro 15 ” or an Imac . I did write about this earlier and had some good information coming for the Lotus community. So after i realized that i really don´t need to travel with it and I do have a laptop from work (T61) i resided to jump on IMAC 21.5 ” with 8 gb memory . I had bought earlier Parallels 79$ and Lightroom 3.0 for Mac .(used it on my hacking-tosh) the setup was a snap and it find all my network, computers and servers.  I have 2 Synology server and one IBM Foundations server.  I feel right at home with this setup and now i hope I can work more from home 😉  I will not be coming to LS2011 this time but am aiming at Xpages development class next spring . Stay worm and  Marry Xmas to all of you.


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