Wow Factor, It’s just an idea

As you can see  Alan Lepofsky just wrote  about If Notes was introduced today, would it be a huge hit?   Well we just celebrated 21 year of Lotus Notes and that has to say something about LN. With over 130 millj users using it its a HUGE market. But its declining that is for sure.

Am going to suggest that in 2011 , if your clients are in 8.5.x version then all of use take steps to improve our clients environment by taking advanced of Xpagas and getting most of the Old DB that out there into new look and feel with X Pages technology . if you can use XPages Extension Library then please do it will save a lot of time.

I have had few of the Wow factor when i show Xpages off . The  discussion template in Xpages is a great start.
So when you have a Wow factor then please write about it here at PL use WoW: then your subject ( No John H   it’s not World of war crafts 🙂  )

With Thomas Duff job opportunity  that shows that there are jobs out there and with our NEW  WoW  factor we can add to the dreadful talk about declining Lotus jobs market to more positive one . It’s just an idea.


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