Appcelerator has acquired Aptana

Today is an exciting day for web developers worldwide and especially for the Appcelerator and Aptana developer communities. We are pleased to announce that Appcelerator has acquired Aptana, the company behind Aptana Studio, the world’s most powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for web application development.


Best of all, the new Appcelerator/Aptana IDE will be a free offering for our entire community.

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3 thoughts on “Appcelerator has acquired Aptana

  1. The venture capital driven company Appcelerator is “buying” the venture capital driven company Aptana (that recently seemed to had problems getting fresh money).
    Not bad news but there might come the day where investors want to see their money back.
    But indeed Aptana Studio really is a great IDE and with the forthcoming version 3 they are even putting some things back (that they canned in Release 2).
    Thank you for letting us know.

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