AppleTV 2 – My source of Mediaplayer

After been spoiled with road runner in Orlando for 5 years it’s really hard to go another service specially if you live in Iceland where there is no competitions here in the TV market . So the service is really bad and price is high.

So I have been using AppleTV and using Apple Itunes gift cards to enjoy the VOD from my livingroom .  One of the great option with AppleTv is XBMC. There is no other media player with the quality and power that XBMC bring you , plus its open-source , Loads of plugins and GREAT support( via web)

here you see  XBMC media player on Ipad

The rumor says that Games is coming to the ATV2 shortly.

I wonder how they are going to solve the joystick ?

You can use the Ipad as a media player but stream from your SAN,

So If you are looking for replacement for you media center then you can´t go wrong with XBMC on AppleTv2.

You can get XBMC for the following systems

OSX – OSXPPC     Linux     Windows     Apple TV     LiveCD or USB

some links for you if you are intrested


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