Apple Statistics – Quite an impressive set of numbers! – what about domino ?

We have the first Blackberry Playbook First Domino Database on Blackberry Playbook and only few Domino apps are on Apple store that i know of – Are there many apps coming to Iphone done with domino ?  Is Blackberry Playbook the options for us ? better then IOs ?


From Sept 1 . 2010

Some statistics about the company. Number included the amount of iOS devices being shipped, activated as well as details about the app store and iTunes.

The numbers are quite impressive and show where Apple is as a company and how they have changed over the last 10 years or so since the original iPod launched.

The total number of iOS devices shipped is 120 Million.

There are 230,000 new activations per day.

6.5 Billion apps have been downloaded with the current rate being 200 apps per second being downloaded.

There are 250,000 apps in the app store with 25,000 of them being for the iPad.

In regards to the iPod, 275 million have been sold over the years.

In iTunes, 11.7 billion songs have been downloaded along with 450 million TV episodes and 100 million movies.

35 million books have been downloaded.

Apple has 160 million accounts active all with credit card details across 23 countries.



One thought on “Apple Statistics – Quite an impressive set of numbers! – what about domino ?

  1. I think most developing mobile apps with Domino do it in HTML5, xpages, or something agnostic to mobile browsers. Though some like Bruce Elgort create native apps and use Domino for the backend.

    i Created an HTML5 app that uses xpages to transfer the data back and forth.

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