Am now Certified Advanced Application Developer

Am now Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes Domino 8.5

Any suggestion on next cert ?   What would you take ? maybe MS stuff ?




6 thoughts on “Am now Certified Advanced Application Developer

  1. I took also SharePoint 2010 developer course, but it’s pretty useless, since I have to migrate most SharePoint apps to Domino back, since its impossible to get anything working with SharePoint.

    Then I had also a C++ STL cource, which was pretty good and useful. You always need C++ to make some command line tools for any system.

    Maybe I should make a web based XPCLP exam also, which is free like Linux, and focusses on the real challanges with Domino (Magic, Myths and Mysteries), where IBM can not help anymore 🙂 I think it would be good, because there are quite a lot PCLP people, so some more challenge is needed to find the best of the best.

  2. Mike, I have been looking into SP development and REALLY don´t like what is see. out of the box its looks great and its workable like Quickr but any customization is a major pain. Am going to Focus on Xpages try to master it

    Thanks for you input

  3. i would personally look @ (see recent blog entries from Jake has done a great job).

  4. Congrats Palmi!

    I like the idea of trying to master XPages and to do that, I think becoming proficient in Java is part of truly mastering XPages. And as you know strong Java allows you expand your marketability to platforms outside the yellow bubble.

  5. Thanks Mark – like Jay Leno says 10 time a show “excaly” that is why am going for Mastering Xpages – get more into Java.

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