Create Calendar ics dynamically – DEMO

Create Calendar invite dynamically

Chris Toohey has demonstrated how to do a „Add to Calendar“ link  with some embedded view with some JS and formula, great demo and works great . But we had another scenario. The user creates an event and makes sure that „Register via Web“ is checked and on the “Thank You” email that goes out, there will be a link to ICS file that is tied to that event. Works both for Lotus Notes and Outlook.

We have completed this project and we are wondering if this should be a OpenNTF project for anyone to use.  Please let me know if there is any interest for this kinda solution. And i will see if we can´t port this to as a sample db.


7 thoughts on “Create Calendar ics dynamically – DEMO

  1. Hi Chris,

    Could you please share me sample database to create ics file. Which will work outside lotus notes as well. Thank you


  2. Did anyone move forward with creating a tutorial or sample database to achieve dynamic creation of ICS file? Would love to see it.

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