XPages: How to you use Query_String in XPages ?

Am working on a XPages App that need to fill in 15 fields based on Key.

In xpages i would use

Key = document1.getItemValue(“AccessCode”);

var result = @DbLookup(@DbName, “viewname”, key, 1); (typeof result == “string”) ? “No result” : result

But how do i get the KEY from URL String

Like this String http://thissite.server.com/ar.nsf/Sk?OpenForm&Settings=1234RT

 to get the Value of the KEY by using @Middle(Query_String_decoded;”&Settings=”;”&”)  would return  “1234RT”

there must be a simple way to get the Key from URL STRING   in Xpages ?

is this the only solution ? http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/page.xsp?documentId=E8B7585FA5C75392852574E8007A45FC&action=openDocument


7 thoughts on “XPages: How to you use Query_String in XPages ?

  1. That’s a good question. I checked the cheatsheet that I have over at xpagescheatsheet.com and see that I have listed:


    listed. Quite honestly I don’t remember using that. I do see that paramValues is a global object so that might work. but then it would probably be paramValues.get(“parameter”)

    However, recently I have been doing this and I’ve been using:


    That’s been working fine. So I suggest try either approach.

    1. HI David , Thanks i did not go and look at the cheatsheet but i will next time. Am going to try that paramValues.get(“parameter”)

      1. Let me know what you find out. I’m thinking I messed up the cheatsheet a bit on that one. 😦

        I do know that context.getUrlParameter is working in my current application.

  2. Getur notað fall í context (SSJ):

    var key = context.getUrlParameter(“Settings”);

    Var ég að skilja þig rétt?

    1. Sæll Arnar – já ég var viss um að það væri “auðvelt” leið til að fá þetta gildi , Takk

  3. Palmi, the global SSJS variable that David mentioned (param) supports “extended syntax”, just like the scope variables do. In other words, if the URL is:


    …either of the following would work:


    The formal syntax is preferred, but either will return the same result.

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