OpenNTF Development Contest

OpenNTF Development Contest

My take on the ODC . There are some really great samples  that should have been part of Xpages from start , don´t get me wrong, I really appreciated the effort and time they put into it . Thank you.

Here are some of the plugins that I belive is going to be fighting for the 1st price.

  • ZK Spreadsheet Control By: Dennis Chen
  • Asynch Files Upload Control By: Ferry Kranenberg
  • Calendar Plan Controls By: Kateryna Czerniachowska
  • JQuery Library Control By: Declan Lynch
  • Search and TagCloud Control By: Frank van der Linden

Great job guys.



4 thoughts on “OpenNTF Development Contest

  1. I think the view Picker control by Mark Hughes will be fighting for first place myself. I love that control and can literally see it being used in almost every application I would develop. Heck, I’m working with it today actually.

    Not to say the other controls aren’t great, they are! But they’re just a little more specific and probably not something I’d need for every project.

  2. I’ve already used the Picklist Control for one of my Reports that I’m gonna showcase soon.

    I’m a fan of the Login Control that was submitted recently, and i’m also curious about the Calendar Plan with the Ganntt Chart.

    So much to test, so little time.

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