Shame on you IBM !

I know that the country i live in is small and we don´t have millions of people ( i would´t be living here then ). But there is no reason NOT to add Iceland in the drop-down list of countries, if it was done by age of the country we would be top teen.  Does IBM not know that there is IBM business partner in Iceland ?  Adobe did this in here past ,  they use to have “Denmark/Iceland”  together in the drop down. Well maybe they thought that Denmark still “owned” Iceland ( We got away from them 1944 ) . I was pissed off when i saw this so i did not submit my answers to Traveler survey.

So shame on you IBM.


6 thoughts on “Shame on you IBM !

  1. As a complete tangent to your post, I just want to say that I really want to visit your country (I’m in Canada) – can you recommend some good prep. reading for me? only goes so far…

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