Happy New Year everyone / LS2012

2011 was in part a heavy year,  both at work and making ends meet, I have been very fortune to have kept my job for last four year.Now as we are seeing changes in the Economy Im hoping that telling us that 2012 going to be alot better than the year 2011. There are also other changes in the air that may affect my work . I will post later on that topic.   I will not be going to LS2012 and part of me is relieved  as you all know that have been there.  its HARD work for 5 full days and you will come home very tired but with lots of good ideas and inspired by lot of good people and I will miss that and the change to see everyone. But I will be on the sideline and read every post / feed that comes out of LS2012.
if you are awake at 00:00 Greenwich time you can see the most spectacular fireworks ever by clicking on this link and watch it live. At midnight Icelanders will go crazy with fireworks
Happy new year everyone
Update – see what Kiefer Sutherland  says about our fireworks –   http://kvikmynd.is/mynd/?v=3718  or  ww.inspiredbyiceland.com/

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