Xpage : Hide but using getQueryString

Hi everyone

Am using getQueryString as a  KEY to fill in some information on the form. I really don´t want to use CSS to hide this Field . I have tried to use the CORE hide( see picture)

here is the getQueryString(); CODE.

q = facesContext.getExternalContext().getRequest().getQueryString();
k = “input”;
if (q.indexOf(k+”=”)>-1) {
v = q.substring(q.indexOf(k+”=”)+k.length()+1, q.length());
v = (v.indexOf(“&”)>-1?v.substring(0,v.indexOf(“&”)):v);

Any ideas ?


2 thoughts on “Xpage : Hide but using getQueryString

  1. Well I’ve not used hidden input before so I’m a little unsure as to the goal. But when I want a parameter I usually use:


    It’s a global object that makes it easy to get a parameters value from the URL.

    Then I control the rendering of panels and such based on the value, but I think you’re doing something different there.

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