IBM new fetures – Outlook Connections sidebar plugins

With the new Outlook Connections sidebar plugins there are some NICE features that we need to have in Notes.


  • Single sidebar plugins that you can get to files , Communities , Status updates and ect.
  • Drag doc straight into email ( not link)
  • Add Photo in to the status update

While am on the page of asking then please make our client SMART like :

  • If you put the word “Attachment” or “Attachments” into the body of an email and there is no attachment then ASK if you forgot to add it
  • If you like to add attachment and you have your cursor in Subject ( like you have not done that !! )  then move the cursor into Body field and then prompt for file.
  • Rewrite the Photo implementation from Names.nsf / Sametime . Its so 2004.

Am so looking forward to play with Domino 9 / notes over the easter.

Enjoy your holidays .


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