My Big Xpage project

As anyone can tell you , if you need to learn something new then best way to learn is to go and get some classes  based on what you need to learn. Java , Xpages, etc . Or get a project that you have time to go though the leaning curve of trial and error.  That is what I did. Well with some help from the Lotus community ( you know who you are ) But I like to thank Tim Pistor.  He come over to Iceland for week or so and spend whole day with me on this project. Thanks Tim.

What is this project , well  I had to come up with something that could be used and I had few ideas, one idea was creating fundraising software online that anyone could just fill out form and start the fundraising campaign with few mouse clicks.



Most of us are familiar with helping with fund-raisers for our children in both school and sports that they pursue. If you have taken that task, you would have seen it takes time and planning, not to mention the task of numerous calls and emails. Many spreadsheets to track progress. Overall the process is very time consuming.

My project :
its had to be “Cool” it had to be “simple” and it could not cost CAL for each and everyone that used the Form so NO Login & passw for the parents that would use this . remember it has to be simple.

So I build it in plan Domino way and made all the logic work there. I tested it for few campaigns and then i started again with Xpages and build it all in Xpages except the LS agents.

The picture below is from real campaign that sold over 700.000 kr just over 6.000 $ , and the 14 kids got 1.963 $ for their trip that they are going on next month.  and the mind-blowing facts  that this campaign toke only 4 days to complete but before they had up to 10 days of getting all the sales by email , text message , paper  or  phone calls plus 2 -3 night balancing the books.

I used bootstrap  and oneUI2.1.  Pretty cool huh ?





3 thoughts on “My Big Xpage project

  1. Looks very nice. You say that you used OneUI and bootstrap – care to elaborate?

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