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Every now and then PL just does not work, it give an error 404 . I don´t know where the problem lies but its annoying. Plus there are some website that are posting “Pictures “that just have nothing to do with Lotus ( now as Notes)  like John James  posts mostly Instagram pix on his site and he is on PL. Why ? Do we really want to see odd pictures of old cars ?. Not me. I do now and then click on his link just for curiosity and am disappointed every time. PL has and should be one stop place to see whats going on in the IBM Notes world and what ever could tie into that sentence

So am been turning my browser more and more to CT  ( ) for information about what going on in the world of IBM Notes and Social events. Could PL categorize the content like CT does so that we could just get tech news with one mouse click ?  Maybe,  maybe not.

I really like PL to stay as it was , focus on Notes stuff.  BTW  should this site be called now  just a thought.


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  1. Actually since Yancy developed this on his own, as a one man endeavor, I never complain that it is down. Not one blog on this aggregator pays for service, pays to be in it, pays to be listed or anything else

    Yes blog stray from the Lotus mainly focus and he does clean them up. However you bring up which does it different. They hand pick postings and curate. The benefit? Topics that are relevant and good articles. The downside? Missing a lot due to humans being involved and hand picking

    So it’s a catch either way but if PL goes down then backup your reading like I did using RSS. I made a free opml file that is on my blog (a bit dated now) then you can group them as you wish. Even tag

  2. Chris,

    OpenNTF who runs Collaboration Today could easily stand up a second instance based off of the CollaborationToday template. This second instance would read in the same RSS feeds as PlanetLotus – none of which would be curated. We have been talking about this and it’s still something we may just do. It’s something that the 32 OpenNTF member companies will seriously consider doing. Stay tuned.

    1. Yep. Just as I said the benefits are each way. Thanks

      Could the 32 OpenNTF member companies also just invest in the existing PL site? I am sure many of their blogs are on it already

  3. For years, Yancy has allowed you to use MyPL to filter out the things your don’t want to see. People like me, I want to see everything a person posts; i want to learn about rebuilding a car, seeing photos, reading about vacations, music mix tapes, and more.

    A long winded answer where you have the ability to filter what you want just by using MyPL.

    1. This does not help much if the site is offline. The site became quite unstable since a few weeks. From the outside it seems that there are memory leaks crashing the server but it could very well be something else. I have no problem with the content or that some of it is off-topic.

  4. There is obviously an issue that Yancy has hit with the site over the last couple of weeks. Knowing the guy I’m sure he is busy working on a solution. Personally I think he’s provided us all with a great service. We’ve tried to support him by advertising on his site. I’d suggest we all wait a bit while he sorts it out.

  5. Surprised there wasn’t more chatter on PL when Ed Brill left, or when no real communicating replacement person stepped forward.

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