John Jardin video on notesIn9 – signing DB via Xpages

John Jardin shows how to do this with Xpages and that is owsome to have it “on the run” when you are in development , just add button on top and you can sign it very quickly and it takes less time then going into admin , right mouse click and sign. plus you don´t need to have the admin running.  i have a homemade db that signs the db i select but the agent needs to be signed my server ,

Here is how to do this :

1. Create view  name on signdbview

view formula  =  done != “1”

2.Create other  view , name it  signdbviewdone

view formula =  done = “1”

3. Create create a following fields on form

DBFilePath , Server , signAll , done

this is a schedule agent SIGNED by server.

Sub Initialize()
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim adminp As NotesAdministrationProcess
Dim thisdb As NotesDatabase
Dim view As NotesView
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set thisdb =session.CurrentDatabase
Set view = thisdb.GetView(“signdbview”)
Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
ThisDbPath$= doc.DBFilePath(0)   ‘ FIELD on FORM
ThisServer$= doc.Server(0) ‘ FIELD on FORM
signall$= doc.signAll(0)   ‘ FIELD on FORM
Set adminp = session.CreateAdministrationProcess(ThisServer$)
noteID$ = adminp.SignDatabaseWithServerID(ThisServer$,ThisDbPath$,signall$)
Call doc.replaceitemvalue(“done”, “1”)
Call view.refresh
End Sub


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