Results : Have you use Smartupgrade in Domino ?

I understand that is not a perfect fit for all environments and there are other tools that will do this. We have used this with less than 5 % fail rate. (260 users). Now that is amazing money-saving feature if you ask me.

Thank to you who dissipated in this poll.



5 thoughts on “Results : Have you use Smartupgrade in Domino ?

  1. I think it had a bad reputation for a while. It is a shame as we really struggle to get clients to upgrade to later versions of Notes because of the work involved.

    The ( perceived ? ) difficulty in upgrading the client really stops people seeing the best features in Notes and they are left with a poor impression of it. XPages in the client really needs 853 + and preferably 9 too.

    Its even more ironic when you think about how easy it is to upgrade the server.

    1. True Sean , I really encourage admins to try the smartupgrade – if anyone wants then i have the file needed to upgrade 8.5.x > 9.x. Let me know

      1. Randy , we create one smart upgrade DOC for each version that we have in use and the less then 5 % that fail , we manually upgrade

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