Few Pointers To IBM

You are correct , Its not about the email anymore its about way we think so lets do the following :

  • Have Domino and IBM Smart cloud free for every education institute in the world. ( With local support )
  • Offer the Mail Client free just like the Designer. Basic and standard. Mac or PC

IBM , You do understand that the users of the future technology are the ones that are in high school right now.


2 thoughts on “Few Pointers To IBM

  1. Whatever we do and say, it’s of no use. IBM does not listen, because if they would, they would have to turn around about 137 degrees and admit, that they are wrong. You will not see that happen. Oh yes, there are those high level meetings we (or at least I, you might be lucky one day) will not be invited to, but you can not talk about it. Oh, I had meetings like that. You leave happier than ever, but you can bet on it, a few weeks later everything is forgotten and it is business as usual, because somebody just takes another decision, despite everything that was said. Why? Because we, the partners, are stupid. We use gut feeling and what we think is “experience”. Big companies use big data, carefull analysing what the data from different sources say and they listen to the owners (an amazingly stupid group, regarding sustainability) who want money now and don’t care about products. Put these two things together and you get what we see. A slow and halfhearted change and many in this ex yellow bubble think, it is in the wrong direction again. And many are just fed up.
    You and many in the bubble have said things that are right for years, but had no influence at all because big companies believe more in analysing than in experience and new ideas. They are dangerous. They could fail big time and not like analysing, which fails much slower but in the end costs more, because you not only loose money, but more importantly, time. Analysing means no risk for an individual, he/she has the proof. Apple was like that in the nineties and slowly going down. Steve Jobs turned it around with new ideas and he could have failed big time. But he didn’t. Not many experts (Analysts!) believed in the iPhone and look how wrong they were and still it was a process from the iPod to the iPhone with much less risk than what is the common believe. That works, if you have somebody at the helm with a guts feeling and the will to take the risk to do radical changes. Do you see that at IBM? What you see at every presentation are slides and more slides of market position, futur markets and other stuff which they found out by looking at the past. Steve Jobs would not have done that (not that he did not have the data). He would have taken you on an emotional journey around that new product and that is what counts. Are there any emotions about Notes at IBM?

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