Domino admin 2 day class sold out in 48 hours

Its has been long over due that we had a domino administrator class here in Iceland. I have been hearing for some time now within the community that people are looking for more education in the IBM Domino world.  After few talks with IBM and internally here at Nyherji, We decided to get some talent to Iceland to teach the new stuff that 8.5 and 9.0 brings to the table.  So the goal was to get 8 – 9 administrators. I send out a email to the Community telling everyone about the upcoming event , asking them to register and to our surprise it sold out in 48 hours , matter of fact it oversold.  We have 13 seats in the class room  and we got 15 when we closed the registration.

So who is going to be teaching ?   well  Tim from Intec (UK)  came to Iceland last fall to learn about Nyherji  and how we could do business together so i connected Tim and ask if he had some Administrator that could take on the class and he connected me with Keith Belgrave.  I know that this will be successful and it already planed to have this every year now. And bringing new people to the world of Domino.

There are planes to get Paul Withers over here for some Xpages class 1Q 2014  if we get enough people and if he is available that is.

Hope to see you in Orlando 2014


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