Get more involved in the XPages community

Before i start , i have a confession to make , Am a  fan no 1 on Notesin9 and it has help me a lot in my Xpages “want to be a expert” journey. Am also a big fan of David Leedy,  he has helped me out few time when i have some issues and i proud to call him my friend.   He has a great notesin9 video  and he talks about how to get more involved in the XPages community.  And his message in the video,  just ask and if you know the answer  then answer. Blog about the success or failure you have and someone will be able to help you out or your blogging helps someone else out.

I was looking for solution when i saw his video and instead of sending emails to my friends in Germany and USA (you know who you are) or hooking up with “you” on Skype. I decided to sign up for Stack overflow and ask the question there. My very first question on stack overflow  so if you know anything about standby dialog then please post you answer there.

Great video David , I love the fileVault , looks great . Love to see a fileVault custom control !!  .  In Sept I will start a Xpages Project to create a simple CRM based on Xpages and Bootstrap. I looking forward to see this project come to live.

and I aim to give this away on openntf when its done. With help from the community this will be possible.


2 thoughts on “Get more involved in the XPages community

  1. David has a great idea and I would also like to put some of my xpage apps onto the web, but I’m not sure for 2 reasons:
    1. They are not as good as some of the applications out there, i.e. not well coded.
    2. The license terms and conditions would take about 4 years to read! I would say, here it is, you can do what you want with it, don’t blame me if it does not work and I don’t want any money for it.
    But I will put some stuff out there soon as well, despite the fact that others would be able to code it better.

  2. We all have been there , looking at code you did long time ago and asking yourself ” why did i do it this way ” but sometimes you look at it and say ” thats damm good” There is best practice out there but no one code the same way. if it works then fine.

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