Regarding – how to fix IBM

“How to fix IBM” Please read this before you keep reading.

I have for so many years talk about IBM lack of educational support. Its not hard to imagine where would we be with some of the IBM Portfolio if they had try it 10 years ago.  Its hard to do business with IBM. They want to have it hard for people if not then they would do something about it right ?

Mr Cringely is spot in many areas like when he said.

“Under Sam’s leadership IBM began to cut quality, cut corners, and under-deliver on its commitments.  IBM squeezed every penny out of every deal without regard to the impact it would have on customers.”

IBM should have strong educational program offing Cloud solution to schools and non profits. It will increase the knowledge and inspire people when they come to the workplace.  Minimum training for the companies is a huge plus. This is what the competitor is doing. They should also supply Images for quick setup in VM or hyper-v. 

When MS bought Skype I wrote about how smart that was, why was it smart ? well they have brought there customers a tool to connect to each other  its called collaborating.  IBM should had stepped up and made external sametime user license like we have in IBM Connections external users, witch is btw a huge selling point.

If you like to see what Microsoft is doing in the future then see what IBM is doing today but that is changing FAST.  IBM WAKE UP. Don´t do what Nokia and Blackberry did.

“Sometime soon one of IBM’s competitors will implement a serious Continuous Quality Improvement program. When that happens, IBM will be toast”

Today in IBM “Respect for the individual” is dead.  So is “Superlative customer service.”  Every decision made by IBM for the last 10 years has been to find ways to spend nothing, do as little as possible, and get to $20 EPS.  IBM’s workforce is operating in survival mode. 

IBM needs to rethink there future path and think differently. Get younger people to the top level today. Ask the users.

IBM This is you today >> Link

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2 thoughts on “Regarding – how to fix IBM

  1. I have read Cringley, I can’t help but sense that between some good points he makes, it’s a ranty-diatribe about something he loves to hate. But you don’t need to read Cringley about IBM….

    Any company that focuses primarily (exclusively ?) on the bottom line as its strategic direction (ie $20 EPS) is doomed.

    When you have no vision, and limited or no ability in the management team to exploit innovation to fulfil market needs, it’s time to check-out. I was just listening to Elon Musk ( For example, He doesn’t talk about a “mission to mars” he thinks of colonisation because a mission has a start and end, where as colonisation is an extension of humanity. The point here being is that you have, have a vision first then work out the KPI’s. The KPI is not a strategy, and certainly not a vision…..

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