You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections

You can go and sign up for 60 day trail. But you can´t buy it


While Office365 ( and it not the same as IBM connection by any means ) you can buy it for Home and Companies anywhere, Anywhere. did I say you can buy Office365 anywhere.

they say ” try one of the options ” there is only one option  ?

the link takes you to this site totally confusing the customer but it should have taken you to this site




4 thoughts on “You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections

  1. @Palmi, there are several countries where this happen, usually countries where credit card fraud is very frequent. I have go through the same thing as well.

  2. Tinus . This has noting to do with Credit cards. IBM has the ability to send the request to the right partner(s). its so simple.

  3. I was paying for IBMs iNotes cloud offering but when it came to renew it was so difficult to do I gave up and went to gmail. When I was involved in renewing Notes/Domino licenses again a nightmare. Why do IBM make it so difficult to buy their products?

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