Everyone is laughing at IBM Verse

Am speechless , I totally out of words. Does IBM really think that this is going to move people of other free email systems to IBM Verse with these limitations.
I can see now how they are creating architecture that help you unclutter your inbox, you only have 25 email to send per day, well if that does not unclutter your inbox nothing will. And why would someone want to move to Verse with these kinda restriction when other give them much more ?
  1. Send mail containing up to 10 recipients per email. you did mean 100 per email ?
  2. Send up to 25 emails in a 24 hour period. you did mean 100 per day? 
  3. Send mail messages up to 100MB in size. this is fine
  4. Have a mailbox quota of 500 MB. Why not 2 gb ?

IBM has taken the http://support.ibmverse.com/ offline. I wonder why ? Are they embarrassed ? Well am not going to try anytime soon to sell this until they line up with what others are doing. Lets see what they are going to do next.

When they announced the name of the product someone at my work said ” it could be verse” it just got there.



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